Website Features Benefits
3 Design revisions before launching the website Websites Websites are representative of you and your company. This is why we are meticulous during the designing process. We want to create a website that really amazes your customers.
Unlimited pages The sky is the limit! If your business has multifaceted features or a multitude of important information that you need to communicate to your customers, we’ve got you covered. Instead of a few messy and overstuffed pages, we give you the option of properly organizing essential information on your website.
Unlimited dynamic form This feature is one that will really get your business booming. Since generating leads is one of the main purposes of your website, we want to make sure you don’t miss a single opportunity to make a new client.
Custom template design While pre-designed templates are a cost-effective option, an original design is more profitable in the long-run. We make sure we understand your needs fully before beginning to create a one-of-a-kind design.
It’s manageable by yourself Will your website need constant updating and changing? Not a problem! We give you an easy to use Content Management System which gives you more control on your website all while saving you time and money.
Google analytics setup, and install in your website In today’s online marketplace Google Analytics is essential to understand your customers. We can analyze your website traffic data to define where your website visitors are coming from, what they think of your website, how often they visit your website, etc.
Blog integration Blogs are the ultimate way to communicate with your customers and target audience. Share your business accomplishments, upcoming events, and new products directly with your clientele.
Social media integration, and friendly Integrate all your social media accounts to your website. This makes it easy for your customers to share your business to their friends and followers. Additionally, this will raise your brand awareness online. Don’t have any social media accounts set up? We can help with that too!
W3C compatible Before any of our websites go live, we validate it as per the W3C standards. We want to make sure that every website is optimally coded for the best performance possible.
6 months free support Small bugs to big fixes, not to worry, we will fix it free of charge!
W3C VALIDATION Your website needs to be optimally coded. Therefore before we go live, we validate it as per the W3C standards.
SEO friendly website Your website could be the best in the world but it’s worthless to you and your business if it isn’t SEO friendly. We study what elements search engines scrutinize and how these foundations affect your website ranking. We will go above and beyond to produce SEO friendly web pages by seeking high traffic keywords, enhancing Meta Tags and much more.

Optional Add-ons:

Website Features Benefits
Dynamic slideshow for homepage, using Jquery Technology, and smart phone friendly A banner on your Home Page with rotating/moving images adds to the visual appeal of your website, consequently increasing the traffic/ conversion. You can add this feature for ONLY $399
Manageable photo gallary Do you want to showcase your portfolio using an image gallery? We give you the option of adding or deleting photos from image gallery with a simple click of a button. You can add this feature for ONLY $299
Professional content writing Writing website content is an art and we provide experienced writers who have experience writing for leading news websites and blogs. You can add this feature for ONLY $39 per hour.
SEO / Online marketing packages Our SEO package is unbeatable. Seeing your business reach the top page of Google means more leads, prominence and overall more prospective customers for your business. You can add this feature by choosing one of our SEO packages.
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